Dagmar Zárubová - Real Estate

Consultancy & Advisory Services

These services we offer to developers, home owners & end users. We have wide knowledge and long experience in new development schemes and projects, and understand the critical milestones at each of the construction and preparation phase of the project.

Our services comprise and include:

  • Advising on what property to build such as apartment buildings, row houses, or individual villas, by taking into consideration the demand, location, competitive schemes within the locality
  • Competitors and market analysis and monitoring
  • 3D modelling
  • Consulting the level and standard to be offered, size/units mix, design and architecture features to be offered and level of facilities to be offered to correspond with the target group or to the existing market demand
  • Determine pricing of the scheme including parking and storage
  • Help to formulate marketing, PR and sales strategies
  • Design and create a show flat within the given budget
  • Help create and run open days or other special events on the scheme
  • Sales representation for developers 
  • Coordination of all contracts and related administration

Clients have different needs and priorities. Whether it is leasing, buying or selling which you consider either for your own needs or as part of an investment plan, by contacting us we can advise you, owners and landlords about the best ways of how to elevate and improve the current assets to achieve higher values and generate more interest on both second hand and new assets. Your property will sell better and quicker. For more details, visit our Interior Design website – Home Staging.

For owners of properties, as part of our client services, we provide advise on market best practices, on how to best present and market your property and run a check procedure on all needed legal and business documentation which are needed to successfully complete a transaction. The design of the asset, way of presenting it and other soft factors are also analyzed, to guarantee a full control on all the vital selling points and aspects.

We carefully choose our partners who sell and lease their properties before marketing their assets and placing them on our web. By doing so, we can offer and sustain only quality assets and deal with reliable partners, with whom we have been working for many years and build relationships with new clients who appreciate the need for a certain quality and serious, professional approach and partnership. End users and occupiers expect to buy or lease quality, clean and functional properties meeting all the legal requirements and obtaining all the permits set by law or local regulations. Therefore, our specialists will ensure that all of these concerns are checked and managed effectively and can include checking your rights and entitlements, proof of ownership, authorization for sale, contracting documents ad annexes, the engineering and construction documentation including the credibility of the contracting party.

Residential & Commercial

  • Residential Sales
  • Apartments for sale
  • Houses for sale
  • Plots for sale
  • Residential Leasing
  • New development schemes
  • Apartment buildings for sale
  • Properties abroad
  • Commercial Sales
  • Commercial Sales
  • Commercial Leasing