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Residential Sales

Residential sale and buy transactions can sometimes be less straight forward, and various considerations, commercial and legal steps need to be checked and covered. Therefore, and to guarantee you a secure and safe handlings, we carefully select the properties and owners we work with to assure you safe and satisfactory results. Our priority is to introduce, offer and mediate to our clients reliable partners and quality products (apartments, houses, land). Some of our clients do not wish to display or market their properties openly and we fully respect this wish. Therefore, please contact us directly with your specific needs or criteria, to review the full range of properties we offer that meet your criteria. When concluding the transaction, we also guarantee that all required advance payments, deposits and guarantee or transaction payments between the contractual parties (seller and buyer) are safe and secure by placing them into escrow or bank custody accounts.

Our scope of services include:

  • Advisory and guidance during the whole buying and selling process
  • Transparent communication
  • Securing and handling of all communication, legal requirements and documents with authorities, lawyers and third parties
  • Offering or recommending mortgage services and legal advisory services through selected reliable and professional third parties
  • Managing the hand over processes for each transaction with all necessary documentation

Residential & Commercial

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